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The apple varieties listed below are orchard favorites and highly recommended for fresh eating. Many of these varieties also make fantastic cider due to their high sugar content and ample acidity. I've highlighted a few standouts in the "Also Cider!" section.

I offer one hint as you go about your selection: Hone in on the 'ugly' apples. How did such unremarkable fruits find hospitable homes for centuries without fail? Flavor, my friend, flavor.

1-9 Trees = $30/tree
10-19 Trees= $25/tree (16% discount)
20+ Trees = $20/tree (33% discount)

Quantity discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

All apples varieties are grafted onto Mailing-Merton 111 Rootstock, sold as 3' whips, and shipped at the appropriate time for outdoor planting in Spring. 

Apple Trees

Lodgemore's Nonpareil

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Unknown Parentage, Mr. Cook's Garden, Lodgemore, UK 1808

Mr. Cook thought his new seedling apple was so delicious that it was without equal - a true 'nonpareil.'

Now if I was a rival Lodgemore gardener back in, say 1809, I'd politely point out to Mr. Cook that a terrible apple could also be "without equal," and after tasting his specimens, I was unsure as to what end of the spectrum his variety belonged. Zing!

I would be lying, though. Lodgemore's Nonpareils taste fantastic. Rich, sweet, crispy, juicy - my praise could continue indefinitely. Unlike some sweet and sour apples whose every bite entails tsunami waves of sugar and sour, Lodgemore's waves are simply large and enjoyable.

Lodgemore Nonpareil trees are vigorous, scab-resistant, and produce fruit at an early age.

Brix: 17
Harvest: Early October
Flowering: Late-Season

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