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Pipsqueak Nursery is a one-acre nursery carved out of the larger Pipsqueak Orchard, located just outside of Portland, Oregon. 

We're grateful for our rich, Columbia River silt loam soil as well our semi-arid climate. This combination of fertile soil and benevolent weather creates perfect conditions for growing a
pple trees, which in turn allows us to grow healthy saplings without the use of fungicides or chemical fertilizers. 


Our nursery proudly depends on hand tools because we know it leads to superior trees. Hoeing weeds on foot is much slower than on a tractor, but this slower pace also allows us to observe each tree as we work - perhaps squishing a caterpillar here, pinching off shoots there. We also carefully dig each tree by hand in order to deliver you saplings with as large of a root system as possible. 

Why do we do perform so much manual labor?
Simply because we really love apples, and we know that the extra care we provide your trees now, will manifest itself later in your orchard or backyard as superior, delicious fruit. 


Hand Dug

"Was unsure what the quality would be since I have not previously ordered from Pipsqueak. Blown away by the size of the roots! Much healthier root system than from the big online sellers... hand digging makes such a huge difference!"

- John M.



Pipsqueak is a small orchard and nursery run by Adam Tedeschi.


Adam grew up an hour from Johnny Appleseed’s Massachusetts homestead, and spent countless fall weekends eating his way through New England apple orchards.

These memorable outings led Adam towards a career in agriculture, and he was thankful to find local farmland for lease after graduation. Since Adam could only secure land for short-term use, he temporarily set aside his orchard aspirations for vegetable production.

Beginning with a rake, shovel, and pitchfork, Adam’s 1/4 acre farm evolved to a 3-acre plot that provided many southeastern Massachusetts residents their weekly vegetables.

9 years after seeding his first tray of onions, Adam and his wife finally found a farm, albeit across the country in his wife’s Oregon hometown. As Adam researched apple varieties for his dream orchard, he realized that most of his desired varieties were unavailable to purchase as trees, and that there was a shortage of not only apple growers but also apple nurseries.

Pipsqueak aims to be a small piece of the solution to our current apple woes. Through the sale of fruit trees, Adam hopes to encourage a new crop of small orchardists and backyard growers

Our Story



A pipsqueak is resilient, underestimated.

What they lack in size, a pipsqueak makes up for in tenacity and determination. 

As a small nursery largely dependent on hand tools, we are a pipsqueak. 

We are the nursery version of that runty kid who, despite their small stature, proves adept and effective. 

We have a hunch that you're also a pipsqueak - whether you're a backyard grower looking to feed your family and friends, or a small-scale orchardist looking to provide your customers the best tasting apples rather than those that fill the most bulk bins.

Pipsqueak Nursery is about one pipsqueak helping another: apple trees, for pipsqueaks, by pipsqueaks.

Pipsqueak color final.png
Pipsqueak Logo and Illustration by T2 Creative and Hal Tedeschi
The Pipsqueak
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