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The apple varieties listed below are orchard favorites and highly recommended for fresh eating. Many of these varieties also make fantastic cider due to their high sugar content and ample acidity. I've highlighted a few standouts in the "Also Cider!" section.

I offer one hint as you go about your selection: Hone in on the 'ugly' apples. How did such unremarkable fruits find hospitable homes for centuries without fail? Flavor, my friend, flavor.

1-9 Trees = $30/tree
10-19 Trees= $25/tree (16% discount)
20+ Trees = $20/tree (33% discount)

Quantity discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

All apples varieties are grafted onto Mailing-Merton 111 Rootstock, sold as 3' whips, and shipped at the appropriate time for outdoor planting in Spring. 

Apple Trees

Gold Rush

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Golden Delicious x Complex Parentage, PRI Institute, Illinois 1972

PRI Institute or Area 51? I find it hard to believe that a human could breed an apple with such celestial texture. Gold Rush's firm flesh snaps off in satisfying hunks, and its cells shatter as your teeth sink in. And man, there is a lot of juice. Gold Rush was the only apple in my recent tasting to leave a small puddle behind from where it sat between bites.

Gold Rush apples have a sweet, sour, tropical flavor that is fantastic straight from the tree. They will also store all winter in the walk-in cooler, so if crummy fall weather prevents them from fully-ripening on the tree, their flavor will blossom in storage as the apple's starches convert to sugar.

Gold Rush trees are vigorous, scab-resistant, and as you can see from the pictures, absolutely loaded with fruit. Gold Rush apples will store until April in the refrigerator or walk-in cooler.

Brix: 17
Harvest: Early November
Flowering: Mid-Season

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