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The apple varieties listed below are orchard favorites and highly recommended for fresh eating. Many of these varieties also make fantastic cider due to their high sugar content and ample acidity. I've highlighted a few standouts in the "Also Cider!" section.

I offer one hint as you go about your selection: Hone in on the 'ugly' apples. How did such unremarkable fruits find hospitable homes for centuries without fail? Flavor, my friend, flavor.

1-9 Trees = $30/tree
10-19 Trees= $25/tree (16% discount)
20+ Trees = $20/tree (33% discount)

Quantity discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

All apples varieties are grafted onto Mailing-Merton 111 Rootstock, sold as 3' whips, and shipped at the appropriate time for outdoor planting in Spring. 

Apple Trees

Windham Russet

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Esopus Spitzenburg x Unknown, New England, 1800s

I grafted 'Windham Russet' trees in anticipation of the variety's fruiting this fall. Unfortunately none of the trees set fruit, and so I'm unable to 100% verify Windham Russet's integrity. Given the fact that scions came directly from Fedco Trees and I've attained nothing but true-to-type wood from them in the past, I'm still offering Windham Russet trees for sale, albeit with the aforementioned stipulation. In the rare case my Windham Russet trees prove not true-to-type, I will mail all customers correct scionwood once obtained and verified.

Out on a Limb Orchard in Maine glowingly describes Windham Russet:

"Windham Russet surprised everyone at the North-South Franklin County Cider Days taste-off in November, 2013 when it out-flavored nearly two dozen heavy hitters from both sides of the Mason-Dixon line to win it all. What an apple. On a good year, on the right day it is clearly one of the best"

Maine-ly apple orchard in Dixon, ME is similarly impressed, calling Windham Russet an "excellent desert apple."

As a lover of all things 'russet,' I eagerly await my first harvest.

Brix: Unknown
Anticipated harvest: Mid/late October
Anticipated flowering: Mid-Season

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