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The apple varieties listed below are orchard favorites and highly recommended for fresh eating. Many of these varieties also make fantastic cider due to their high sugar content and ample acidity. I've highlighted a few standouts in the "Also Cider!" section.

I offer one hint as you go about your selection: Hone in on the 'ugly' apples. How did such unremarkable fruits find hospitable homes for centuries without fail? Flavor, my friend, flavor.

1-9 Trees = $30/tree
10-19 Trees= $25/tree (16% discount)
20+ Trees = $20/tree (33% discount)

Quantity discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

All apples varieties are grafted onto Mailing-Merton 111 Rootstock, sold as 3' whips, and shipped at the appropriate time for outdoor planting in Spring. 

Apple Trees

Barnack Orange

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Barnack Beauty x Cox's Orange Pippin, Belvoir Castle, UK 1904

I really didn't want to like my Barnack Orange apples. The adolescent trees were littered with scab, and the few apples they managed to produce were misshapen or cracked. As I prepared to sample an ugly specimen, I wondered about which variety I should graft these over. Upon first bite I reversed course immediately.

Barnack Orange is the one of the few cox-spring whose flavor matches or exceeds that of Cox's Orange Pippin. Like Cox, Barnack Orange apples are a full-sensory experience where as much flavor enters your nostrils as your mouth. Intensely sweet and lively sour, the flavor of Barnack Oranges is best described as ‘perfection’.

Brix: 14
Harvest: Early October
Flowering: Mid-Season

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